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In Otley they say once you try a Weegmann pork pie, no other pie will cut the mustard. In fact we're even known as “The pork pie people.” We believe that the secret to our pies and to all good food, is down to the pure quality of the ingredients you use. So why not drop in and see what all the fuss is about? We'll have a scrumptious pork pie ready and waiting for you!


We understand the importance of knowing exactly what it is you're putting on your family's plates. That's why we source all of our meat from local certified farms throughout Yorkshire. Over the years, we have built up long relationships with these farmers, with some spanning many generations. These important relationships mean that we can not only trace all of our meat back to the farm, but quite often the field, it was reared on.
We guarantee satisfaction in our traditional butcher shop in Otley


At Weegmanns we understand that a hot lunch can really brighten someone's day. That's why we're please to offer a selection of hearty meals including, tasty pies, daily dishes like lasagne and our very popular hot meat sandwiches.

We believe it's not difficult to get a sandwich right if you have the proper ingredients. That's why we start by sourcing only the finest local meats and freshly baked bread. Every hot sandwich you buy from Weegmann's will be as good as the last, because we put the same care and attention into every one. 


All of our steak pies, sausage rolls and famous pork pies are made right here in our bakery, by our highly trained chefs, using ingredients they've handpicked and sourced themselves.

We also make a tempting selection of speciality pies, like our ploughman's pie filled with ham, cheese and pickle. And who could forget our tasty “Laird pie”, bursting with only the best chicken, plump pork, tart cranberries and crunchy stuffing. If you haven't tried our Laird pie, you're in for a real treat, in fact it's even been described as Christmas in your mouth – although that might just be to do with the cranberries and stuffing!  


Quality means everything to us. All of our succulent sausages, award-winning burgers, juicy lamb chops and tender cuts of meat, have been hand selected and prepared by our own master butchers. We also put the same time and attention into our delicious selection of cooked products. All of our choice meat pies, hot sandwiches and daily dishes are carefully made onsite every day. But why take our word for it? Why not pop down and try one of our beautiful pies or hot sandwiches for yourself?
We guarantee satisfaction in our traditional butcher shop in Otley
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